The Salesforce User Groups are a great way to network with other Salesforce Administrators.  Hearing how other Salesforce customers are using the platform greatly expands your viewpoint on creative possibilities in the cloud.  To address your business pain points, this is a great place to start!  The members are always helpful and among the brightest Salesforce users in the entire community.


This month at the Wisconsin chapter, the main topic was Salesforce’s Wave Analytics.  Julia Napolitano, a Solutions Engineer from Salesforce presented the Analytics Cloud.

When companies move to Salesforce, they begin collecting significantly more data than ever before.  This is in addition to the existing data they already have in their ERP systems or any other back end systems.  Though incredibly valuable, sometimes we don’t unlock the value in this data.  Salesforce Analytics Cloud transforms this data into valuable business information that can aid in quality decision making.

Analytics has pre built packages for each Cloud that will help you instantly see your business in a whole new light.  A couple ideas:

  • Sales reps can get better insight on their accounts.  Did a sales user just send an email campaign to all of these accounts?  Did this campaign resonate more with a certain demographic?
  • Support Centers can understand how to service their customers and provide more proactive service.  Was that customer’s case a onetime issue or is this a problem with a product that can be addressed for an upcoming release?

Wave is an incredibly powerful tool that provides valuable business insights.  Want to discuss more about using your company’s data in a more meaningful way? Reach out to us at

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