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Supercharge simplicity with 3 new features from Salesforce Summer ‘17 release

Salesforce’s next release, Summer ‘17 is only a few days away!  While there are many features that will improve your business, I asked a couple of our developers which 3 they thought would provide the most Salesforce help.

Here’s what they said:

1. Simplify with Lightning Keyboard shortcuts

What it is: For certain Salesforce functions (like saving, editing, etc.) you can now use keyboard shortcuts in addition to your mouse. For example, instead of clicking into Salesforce to save, you simply hit Ctrl+S

How it helps you: Tim said, “It’ll make sales people be much more efficient and it’s something that can be picked up quickly.”

2. Be more efficient with Lightning Sync for Google (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.)

What it is: Do you use Gmail, Google Calendar and/or Google Contacts?  If you do, you’ll be able to access and edit Salesforce data through Google!

How it helps you: Kyle says it reduces the amount of time you spend switching between Google and Salesforce. ;For example, say you send an e-mail to a hot prospect and you want to save that e-mail in Salesforce. Now you can save that e-mail in Salesforce right from Gmail! Here are a few features you’ll love:

3. Sell (much) smarter with Salesforce Einstein

What it is: “Einstein” is Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). As you use Salesforce, Einstein learns, advising you on the most impactful actions to close deals, provide more timely customer service, and increase sales.

How it helps you: Einstein helps you sell smarter.  It recommends – in real-time – actions within Salesforce by analyzing everything in Salesforce: e-mail interactions, opportunity progression and a host of other Salesforce data. It also automates contacts – pulling contact information straight out of an e-mail and entering it into Salesforce for you.

According to the Economic Times, Organizations with AI expect to see a 39% increase on average in their revenues by 2020, alongside a 37% reduction in costs.

There’s an Salesforce Einstein check check tool you can run to check if you’re ready for AI. Of course if you need help contact us and we’ll be glad to assist!


Of course as with all Salesforce releases, Summer ‘17 offers a ton of innovative features to improve and simplify your job generating sales.  There is A LOT to weed through but we’re here to help you make sense of it all.  To learn more, contact us or check out the release notes for Summer ‘17.

Enjoy your summer!

Published on Jun 07 2017

Last Updated on Jan 27 2020

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