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Salesforce Spring ‘18 Features That Will Help Your Business

The Best New Salesforce Features You Need to Know About

Salesforce’s Spring ’18 release is just around the corner and like all releases, it is packed with updates to the platform. We’ve asked our Salesforce Experts which features they are most excited about and how they envision our clients benefiting from them.

New App Features Allow Einstein Insights On Any Device

The Power of Salesforce In the Palm of Your Hand

Dave Zaborsky—2x Certified Salesforce Consultant:
Salesforce is continuing its innovation by continually making products and features available on mobile so every user can harness the power of Salesforce wherever they are. In the Spring ’18 release, Salesforce is piloting Einstein Insights on the mobile app so Reps can get these powerful artificial intelligence insights into their accounts and opportunities directly on their phone. This feature will send reminders to follow up, push notification updates and provide an easy way to stay on top of your customers mind and grow your business. Having your phone to proactively help close deals is incredibly powerful for all busy sales reps.

New Drag & Drop File Uploading Feature

Allow Customers to Upload Pictures with their Submissions to Provide Invaluable Details

Kyle Krahn – 7x Certified Salesforce Practice Lead:
Without having to write a line of code, you are able to include a place for users to drag and drop files to be uploaded into Salesforce. The applications for this feature can be endless. If you are a support shop, allowing your customers to include forms, pictures, or drawings with a case submission allows your support rep get a tremendous amount of insight that will lead to resolving cases faster. If you have candidates apply on your site and handle applications through Salesforce, this feature allows you to easily include a spot to upload a resume as well.

Connect Salesforce to LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms

Speed Up Your Responses to New Leads with New Automated Features

Tim Dusek—Chief Sales and Marketing Officer:
If somebody fills out a lead generation form for your LinkedIn Campaign, you know these are hot leads and should be followed up with immediately. Today, only a few people may get notified on a new form submission and must manually enter that information into Salesforce.

Spring ’18 introduces a connection to automate the creation of leads in Salesforce from these submissions. This will allow your inside sales rep to be quickly notified so they can reach out while your company is still on the leads’ mind. Any feature that helps reps get more connection excites us and we look forward to helping our clients boost connections with this feature.

Automate Common Tasks With A Single Click

Bo Bracey—Emelar’s Newest Salesforce Consultant:
Salesforce offers a lot of automation options for a Salesforce Administrator to set up. With the updates to Macros in Spring ’18, the power to automate common, repetitive tasks and resolve issues with a single click to end users. Spring ’18 allows you to create Macros almost all standard and custom records.

More efficiency and less time performing tasks is always great!  You can insert quick text, use email templates, add email attachments, and lots more to multiple records in one click!

See how we can help you with Salesforce Spring ’18

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Published on Jan 19 2018

Last Updated on Jan 27 2020

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