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Salesforce Einstein can help increase your sales by up to 39%. Are you ready for it?

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  • Learn how Salesforce Einstein can greatly reduce data entry by automatically entering data for you!
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  • Increase sales by up to 39% using Salesforce Einstein

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Emelar Consulting can help you save time and improve sales results with Salesforce Einstein. We’ll configure Salesforce Einstein for your existing Salesforce platform (Sales Cloud, Wave, etc.) so you and your team can access the benefits of artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, machine learning and customized analytics all with your existing Salesforce org.

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Jesse Theiler

CEO and Founder

As Emelar Consulting Group’s CEO, Jesse works to put the company’s clients and employees in the best position to succeed. That means working closely with customers to understand the challenges unique to their business and monitoring their ever-changing needs to help identify the best solutions for those challenges. Jesse keeps a laser focus on the company’s vision of being a Lion in solving problems and a Lamb in customer service while creating a team of true Salesforce Samurai.

When he’s not working hard on behalf of his customers and employees, Jesse loves spending time with his family. He’s also constantly trying new things—he’s owned an improv comedy company and a Kickstarter digital marketing firm, played hockey, football, baseball (along with many other sports), enjoys hunting and fishing and even indulges his admittedly nerdish impulses as a gamer.

Focus on closing sales, not on data entry or guess work.

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