Simplifying Sales Cloud

How we helped Redox visualize their sales pipeline and grow their business

With Salesforce, executives can easily see their sales pipeline

Redox Sales reps used to inconsistently track sales leads and opportunities, while executives and board members did not have visibility into the sales pipeline. Emelar streamlined Redox’s sales process and simplified its reporting. Now Redox feels more confident in its forecasting and has visibility into the pipeline.

Who is Redox?


Redox is a healthcare data exchange company. They work with vendors and provider organizations to standardize data, maintain integrations and get technology into the hands of patients and providers.

Redox Faced Three Big Challenges


Sales reps had no consistent method to track leads and opportunities. Leads were managed within email and spreadsheets, and each rep had their own individual process. Not only did the sales process take longer, it more made it difficult to onboard new sales reps.


Redox didn’t have a CRM in place to store customer information. Sales reps had difficulty tracking and retrieving customer data, which meant that each sales cycle took longer than necessary.


Executives and board members had limited visibility into the sales pipeline and weren’t confident in the data. Without accurate forecasting, it was impossible to plan for the future.

Jesse and Kyle are not just consultants. They are truly a member of your sales organization.

The Solutions


sales cloud

einstein analytics

custom development


Emelar worked with Redox to gain a deep understanding of their sales process and ideal workflow. From there, we established a more consistent sales process using Sales Cloud.


Emelar customized Sales Cloud with checkpoints that enable Sales Reps report on leads and opportunities as part of the sales process.


Emelar used the checkpoints to develop finely tuned reports that help Redox leadership to accurately see their sales pipeline, and, in turn, plan for the future.

The Results


By creating intuitive procedures that matched Redox’s sales process, sales reps can not only close more sales, but it takes less time to finalize deals. In addition, the standardized workflow makes boarding new sales reps a more efficient process.


Customer data can be retrieved, used and reported on at all levels of the organization – which means better customer service, faster sales cycles and easier reporting.


Redox can now forecast its revenue effectively, using the power of Salesforce to help drive the business forward.

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