Improved Forecasting for Redox^


With Salesforce, executives can easily see their sales pipeline

Redox^ Sales reps used to inconsistently track sales leads and opportunities, while executives and board members did not have visibility into the sales pipeline. Emelar streamlined Redox’s sales process and simplified its reporting. Now Redox feels more confident in its forecasting and has visibility into the pipeline.

Who is Redox^?

Redox^ Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Health Tech
  • # of Salesforce Users: 16
  • Technology Platforms: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Hubspot

Redox^ believes collaboration and the free flow of data between healthcare organizations, researchers, technologists and entrepreneurs is the only way to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges. One organization at a time, it has built the largest interoperable network in healthcare. Before working with Emelar, Redox^ found sales data too complicated and frustrating to understand and therefore had little confidence in that data.

the challenge
  • Redox^ struggled to understand its sales pipeline, the estimated value of sales opportunities, and whether its sales numbers were reliable. 
  • Sales reps inconsistently tracked leads and opportunities.
  • Executives and board members had limited visibility into the sales pipeline and weren’t confident in the data.
the solution
  • Emelar established a more consistent sales process and optimized the workflow in Salesforce that provided important company metrics.
  • Emelar created checkpoints in Salesforce for sales reps to report on leads and opportunities.
  • Emelar developed relevant reports for executives and board members for visibility of the sales pipeline.
the results
  • By creating intuitive procedures that matched Redox^’s sales process, it now sees more consistent reports that match its sales goals.
  • All levels of the organization are confident in the company’s sales data, which is used to make quick sales decisions.
  • Redox^ can now forecast its revenue effectively, using the power of Salesforce to help drive business forward.

Jesse and Kyle are not just consultants. They are truly a member of your sales organization.

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