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Simplifying Sales Cloud

Emelar helps food service equipment manufacturer sell more

With Salesforce, sales reps can quickly identify key opportunities from trade shows on the spot.

In the past, Ovention Sales reps weren’t following up on sales opportunities in Salesforce, and they tracked their sales leads inconsistently.  Then, Emelar automated Ovention’s sales processes using Sales Cloud.®  Now, Ovention communicates effectively with representatives, distributors, and customers, resulting in greater sales. 

Who Is Ovention?

company profile:

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Industry: Foodservice Equipment Manufacturing
Number of Salesforce Users: 6
Solutions(s): Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter, etc.

Ovention Ovens Logo

Ovention believes that how you cook is just as important as what you cook.

Ovention is a small startup foodservice equipment manufacturer with a growing sales and customer base that requires multiple contact points in order to get the sale. Follow-up and organization are key to Ovention’s success, and Salesforce enables better processes and accountability for the sales team.

Ovention Faced Three Big Challenges


Ovention struggled to understand its sales pipeline, the estimated value of sales opportunities, and whether its sales numbers were reliable.


Sales reps tracked leads and opportunities inconsistently, a problem in a dynamically growing organization. 


Management had limited visibility into the sales pipeline.


Trade show leads were not followed up on consistently.

Emelar is very responsive and quickly got up to speed with our team to understand what we each do and the needs we had to be successful from the start.

The Solutions





Emelar established a consistent sales process that captured trade show data and gave a better way to qualify leads on the spot. 


Emelar created lead and opportunity stages in Salesforce that matched Ovention’s new sales process.


Salesforce helped simplify the tracking process for Ovention’s sales team with the creation of Manufacturers Rep Groups (distributors).

The Results


Ovention now has contacts that are easy to organize and ready to share with sales reps.


Ovention tracks the success of leads from each trade show and makes informed decisions about whether to participate in that show again.


Leads from trade shows receive an email automatically after each show.

Grow your bottom line with Salesforce Sales Cloud

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