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CPQ: A Customer Success Story.

Implementing Salesforce CPQ

How we helped PSSI™ achieve efficiency and accuracy in their quoting process.

Company Profile

The experts at PSSI™ specialize in food safety solutions and sanitation, supporting more than 450 partner plants every day. Their team of 17,000+ skilled sanitors, microbiologists, technical design experts, and safety specialists are committed to protecting people and brands by keeping USDA, FDA and CFIA processing facilities clean, safe and audit-ready with customized sanitation programs for smarter and more efficient sanitation to improve employee and food safety.

With PSSI™, you can rest assured you will always have a clean plant, delivered audit-ready, safely, on-time & on-budget.


Kieler, WI


Food Safety/Sanitation



Go Live Date

June 29, 2020

PSSI™ Faced Three Main Challenges

Inefficient Approval Process

Up to 20 days for final approval.

Manual Quoting Process

Using Excel, a financial analyst would provide cost, revenue and profit for each engagement.

Lack of Access

Limited to no access to checklists due to plant guidelines.

The Solutions

Streamlined Quoting

We designed the Pricing Engine to accommodate all services lines and automated and streamlined the quoting process.

Automated Renewals Process

The renewals process went from manual to automated, including a view to see previous year’s P&L vs Current Year’s.

Output documents available

We helped the team get quick access to the output documents needed including the P&L info for each quote.

At PSSI™, we had the challenge of a very manual and time-consuming quoting & approval process. Being in the service industry, PSSI did not fit the CPQ “out-of-the-box” mold, however the Emelar Team did a fantastic job learning our business end-to-end to design a solution using Salesforce CPQ that not only fit our needs but also was aligned with our business objectives. The results were extraordinary. I’d highly recommend Emelar any day of the week!