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Enterprise & Lightning Upgrades

How we standardized MECA’s processes with Salesforce Enterprise & Lightning Upgrades

Medical and lab testing company gains streamlined reporting

Medical Equipment Compliance Associates (MECA) used to have processes in Salesforce that weren’t standardized, which caused inefficiency. Emelar Consulting then upgraded MECA to Salesforce Enterprise and Lightning. Now, MECA has simpler management of its information, and its clients can put their medical devices on the market faster.

Who is MECA?


MECA assists medical device companies receive safety certifications and ISO 17025 accredited compliance reports to meet medical and laboratory equipment standards

MECA Faced Three Main Challenges


Internal users had difficulty in managing client relationships, projects, and quotes due to non-standardized processes and inefficiencies. As an example, internal users often found that they lacked access to data and reporting required to expedite testing.


When creating quotes, external users had to backtrack on their work in order to update specs or adjust prices. As a result, any information subsequent to the revision was lost and had to be manually re-entered.


To meet current and prospective clients’ needs, MECA needed a solution that improved turnaround time.

Engaging Emelar to help us develop better processes within Salesforce allowed us to focus on serving our customers in the medical device space. They have a great team in place. They were able to take our (sometimes) confusing requirements, make sense of them, then develop and implement solutions that are really working for us.

The Solutions





Emelar established a consistent sales process that standardized MECA’s CPQ workflow.


Emelar added approval rules, validation rules, and Lightning quoting functionality, ensuring user consistency and data integrity.


Emelar automated MECA’s internal quality and technical training competencies for better record keeping and reporting.

The Results

Happier clients

Now, MECA’s clients can more easily manage information and get their medical devices on the market faster.

faster quotes

Important quote information now automatically generates so that the process is smooth for end users.

MECA has greater data integrity.

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