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Salesforce CPQ Makes Quoting and Manufacturing Simpler

How we helped refined Wrought Washer’s process

With Salesforce CPQ, quoting custom manufactured washers is easy

Quoting custom washers used to take days.  Now it takes minutes.  And best of all, Salesforce CPQ tells Wrought Washer which line to manufacture on for maximum profit.

Who is Wrought Washer?


Wrought Washer Manufacturing is the world’s largest manufacturer of standard and special washers. The company believes in providing top-quality products and outstanding customer values. Before working with Emelar Consulting Group, Wrought Washer would spend hours calculating the manufacturing costs and materials needed for a custom washer on an aging tool.

Wrought Washer Faced Three Big Challenges


Wrought Washer struggled to deliver quotes on time, as quoting was time- consuming and tedious.


Complexity in the quoting process led to inconsistencies in and variation from quote to quote. 


Management had limited visibility into quotes and sales pipeline.

Manufacturing is all about efficiency. Working with Emelar was the single best decision we’ve made to increase efficiency in 10 years!

The Solutions

sales cloud

salesforce cpq


Emelar created a process to quickly calculate custom quotes at multiple quantities, which automatically identified cost savings for the customer.


Emelar simplified the addition of processing (such as heat treating and coating) into the quote.


Emelar gave the Wrought Washer sales team the ability to enter custom parameters, which automatically determined the best manufacturing process to run a job.

The Results


Wrought Washer now sees dramatically reduced quote times for customers — hours vs. days.


Requotes are much more consistent.


Salesforce CPQ not only helps Wrought Washer quote faster, it also helps determine which production line to manufacture on to minimize costs.

Get started with Salesforce CPQ

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