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Salesforce CPQ Allows Greater Quoting Precision

How we helped reps create quotes for complex products quickly

Sales reps deliver complex configurations in a single quote

Sani-Matic was dissatisfied with its quoting tool because it was overly complex and hard to use. As the company planned for a new product launch, Emelar  addressed the need for a more flexible and configurable tool and implemented Salesforce CPQ. Now, Sales reps use a streamlined quoting process to quote Sani-Matic’s custom cleaning systems with incredible precision.

Who is Sani-Matic, Inc.?


Sani-Matic creates custom cleaning systems that serve a wide array of industries and services ranging from Food & Beverage to Biotech-Pharmaceutical. Its customers have unique needs, and standards vary considerably from industry to industry.

For this reason, Sani-Matic required a flexible and highly configurable quoting tool; and Salesforce CPQ was a no-brainer.

Sani-Matic, Inc. Faced Three Big Challenges

Style Refresh

Quotes delivered to customers needed a refresh, as the style of existing quotes was lacking.

pricing info

Sani-Matic struggled with pricing information that extended across different product lines. 


Previous consulting help lacked CPQ expertise – Sani-Matic needed a partner it could trust to do it right.

Launching a new product is a huge undertaking with interdependent deadlines, and Emelar was very mindful of that. They quickly captured exactly what we wanted Salesforce CPQ to do for us and implemented it on time, while adjusting and reacting to problems and new requirements in real time.

The Solution


salesforce cpq


Emelar configured dynamic product coding for the Sani-Matic PharmaCab SP Series.


Emelar designed custom quote templates for new and existing cleaning product lines.


Emelar used Sani-Matic marketing materials in the quote templates and reinforced the Sani-Matic brand.

price management

Emelar established an easier way for Sani-Matic to manage its pricing information consistently.

The Results

quote speed

Sani-Matic can quickly quote the new PharmaCab SP Series alongside existing product lines.

ease of management

Pricing across all products is easier to manage.


Sani-Matic provides professional-looking, customized quote documents to customers.


Reporting is more flexible to gain valuable insight into each product line’s performance.

Get started with Salesforce CPQ

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