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Quoting Performance Improves Customer Experience

How we helped Continuus reduce quoting time from weeks to minutes

A Salesforce CPQ overhaul pairs well with DocuSign, yielding vast improvement

Continuus Technologies used to have inaccurate quotes and the quoting process took too much time. Now, it has notably faster quoting with better accuracy.  Ultimately, Continuus provides a great customer experience through an optimal quoting process using Salesforce CPQ.

Who is Continuus?


Continuus Technologies is a Milwaukee, WI based company that specializes in providing data management, business intelligence, and advanced analytic services to firms in a variety of industries. Continuus understands how to work with professionals in the front, middle, and back offices, as well as a firm’s c-suite executives. Continuus installs and configures software packages and believes in making very sophisticated software easy for the end user.

Continuus Faced Three Big Challenges


Continuus sales reps had difficulty quoting the correct products with the correct price on a consistent basis.


Relevant information was not readily accessible by reps while they were with customers.


It took far too much time (6-8 weeks) to send quotes to customers.

The Solutions

Salesforce CPQ


Emelar learned about Continuus’ business, mapped out the ideal solution in Salesforce CPQ, and customized the solution to suit business needs.


Emelar provided sales reps with powerful, custom quoting capabilities that featured all available options.


Emelar integrated DocuSign with CPQ, which allowed reps to send quotes to customers for easy and secure signing.

The Results


The quoting process is remarkably more efficient than before. Continuus delivers quotes within minutes instead of weeks, which vastly improves the customer experience.


Sales reps now have greater trust in the products and prices that are listed in Salesforce — as the “source of truth”.


Continuus Executives have new oversight of quoting activities and receive alerts to review and approve quotes.

Get started with Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

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