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Project Hope Q&As

From our weekly live Q&A sessions, we have compiled a list of questions that have been asked and answered. Click on the questions below to jump to the answer. You can watch the full Q&A recorded video session as well!

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Salesforce Administrator Position Questions

Salesforce Certification Questions

Project Hope or Trailhead Questions


Is a Background in it Needed to Become a salesforce administrator?

Any background will lend itself to a Salesforce administrator positon. What qualities you want to have are that you’re interested in learning and you’re interested in helping. If you have the ability and the willingness to learn, and you’re determined to be successful in this, you can absolutely become a Salesforce administrator without any IT background.


How does the Salesforce certification process work?

After the completion of Project Hope, you will have to take a Salesforce Admin test to earn certification. We have contacts that can provide vouchers to help participants waive that initial fee. The purpose of this program is that we’re here to help and make sure you’re learning the right things in the right order to best prepare you to pass that exam. Once you pass the exam, you will get the credential, Salesforce certified administrator, and when you’re applying for Salesforce administrator jobs, you can say with confidence that you are Salesforce certified as an administrator, which that can help in your positioning for getting the job.

Are salesforce certifications necessary?

Salesforce certifications are marketing materials for your resume. One of the things that Salesforce certifications tell businesses is that you have a fundamental understanding of the product, the platform and the business processes around it, which gives you an edge to getting hired.

How much time should I Invest in studying?

It is up to you how much time you need to complete the curriculum and additional studying. What works well, though, is to structure and set aside additional time however you can. If that’s two hours every day, if it’s three hours every day, if it’s four hours every day, as the weeks go by, the volume of content is going to increase, so that means the time needed to complete each of those is going to increase. Get good at saying, I’m going to do it from 11:00 to 1:00 every day, or 11:00 to 1:00 and then 3:00 to 5:00 every day, is a good way to make sure that you make progress.

Project Hope and Trailhead Questions

What support can project hope provide in helping me find a job?

Our intention is to prepare you to so that you have a foundational skill set for Salesforce administrator jobs. Once at the Week 4 curriculum, we can provide links to open positions. We do not, on your behalf, go find a job or put you in front of potential employers. We are happy to share the best websites to find Salesforce administrator jobs and the necessary language you should use in your resume.

What do i do if a link in trailhead isn’t working?

The simple answer is to try again at a later time. Trailhead is a great tool, and it’s a great platform for learning, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes, like any technology, if it doesn’t work and you can’t quite figure out why, try it again later.


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