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Our Favorite Salesforce Winter ’17 Features

Part II

We hope you enjoyed Part I of our favorite Winter ’17 features.  The mornings are cooling off a bit here in Madison and that let’s us keep the windows open and enjoy the last remnants of summer.  It also inspires us to write Part II of our 3 part series about our top Winter ’17 features.  Enjoy!

Account Logos and Account Autofill

What it is

These two features were in Beta in Summer ’16, but are now generally available and will be turned on for new and existing orgs. When creating a new Account and entering the Account name, Salesforce will suggest companies through auto fill and users can select the appropriate company with logo populating too.  In addition, the account’s website and phone number will be auto-populated which reduces manual data entry. Who doesn’t love that?

How it Helps

This makes it easier to create business accounts and helps prevent those pesky spelling errors.  By Salesforce maintaining the company’s logo, it enhances your experience without wasting your time finding and uploading each logo.


Customizable Campaign Influence

What it is


In the past, if you had multiple campaigns and an opportunity was generated as a result of these multiple campaign marketing efforts, you could only attribute the revenue credit of the opportunity to one campaign.   With Customizable Campaign Influence, you can now track influence from multiple campaigns on a given revenue.

How it Helps

This provides better business intelligence, increased marketing accountability, and improved alignment between sales and marketing.

Are you prepared for Winter ’17?  Contact Emelar Consulting Group today for a free readiness assessment and stay tuned for Part III coming soon!

Published on Sep 15 2016

Last Updated on Jan 27 2020

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