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Our Favorite Salesforce Winter ’17 Features

Part 1

As lifelong Wisconsinites, we’ve always dreaded the freezing cold winds, the back breaking shoveling, and the embarrassment of slipping on icy sidewalks that come along with winter. On the bright side, we know we have a new Salesforce release to look forward to!  The features in Winter ’17 definitely make the thought of old man winter much more bearable.  This blog covers our favorite features, why they’re cooler than cool and how they help you.  This is part 1 of a 3 part series

Lightning Navigation and Customization

What it is

When the Lightning Experience was first introduced, users were presented with a vertical navigation bar that resembled Salesforce1. For long term Salesforce users, this felt strange and limiting. With Winter ’17, the navigation bar has moved to a horizontal bar that resembles the Classic user interface yet retains the power that Lightning offers.

How it Helps


Visually, this is the most dramatic update to the Salesforce Lightning Experience and we believe it will make the transition from Classic to Lightning much smoother.  In addition to the updated navigation user interface, Lightning now provides the ability to easily switch between apps with custom branding so users can move from one function to another. This is a major improvement for users that need to switch functional roles throughout the day.

Salesforce Quotes in Lightning Experience

What it is


Emelar has an extensive background with Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ, an amazing solution for advanced quoting and pricing. However for some companies the standard quotes feature of Salesforce may be enough to get the job done. With this release, standard quoting is now available via Lightning.

How it Helps

You are now able to create professional looking PDF quotes right from Lightning without having to switch to Salesforce Classic and sync the quote line items to opportunity line items.  You don’t need any code or add-ons!


What it is

Users of the Lightning Experience have gotten familiar with Account Insights, a feature that would pull timely, relevant news articles and Twitter posts that help sales reps stay up to date with accounts and their executives. With Winter ’17 Account Insights has been renamed to “News” and is enabled on Contacts and Lead records in addition to Accounts and Opportunities.

How it Helps

The sales team can now stay in Salesforce and see relevant information that may be useful to reference on a quick phone call. Winter ’17 also allows users to share these news articles via Chatter with a click of a button enabling faster collaboration between the whole team.  Now you all can be informed about a prospect’s big press release.


Are you prepared for Winter ’17?  Contact Emelar Consulting Group today for a free readiness assessment and stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

Published on Sep 09 2016

Last Updated on Jan 27 2020

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