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Intro to Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) for Manufacturing

Intro to Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) for Manufacturing

As a manufacturing company, you know that reliable systems and machines are essential when producing high-quality products. Then why is it that many manufacturing organizations rely on dated and disparate systems that are prone to human error for their quoting process? It is important to think of the technology you use as an extension of your organization and the product or experience you are offering to your customers. Having a customized quoting tool in place to elevate and streamline your sales and quoting process will help deliver an accurate and elevated customer experience every time. Enter, Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ), one of the world’s leading software tools that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by increasing efficiencies, scalability, and profitability. In this blog, we will begin to discuss the high-level benefits that Salesforce CPQ can provide for manufacturing companies, and how this powerful tool can revolutionize your quoting process and put the customer experience at the center of your business.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software is a powerful sales tool designed to help organize and streamline the creation of customized sales quotes. Using salesforce CPQ, your Reps can quickly create quotes and access product information in a minimal amount of time. The account information will automatically be populated onto the quote and within seconds, quotes or orders can be finalized and ready for internal or external approvals. Instead of relying on often complicated quoting methods that take unnecessary time and are vulnerable to human error, Salesforce CPQ centralizes all account and customer information and provides a reliable, repeatable, and scalable process.

Elevating the customer experience with Salesforce CPQ

When you and your team have invested time and resources into the sales process and the customer or prospect is ready to move forward, the last thing you want is an inefficient process slowing things down or creating potential roadblocks. That is why having a tool that unites your CRM and quoting together on one platform is key to creating a frictionless customer experience. With the ability to utilize guided selling and create customized quote documents using branded templates, you are able to deliver a uniform and repeatable experience for your customers that requires less time and resources from your Sales team so they can focus on other revenue-generating opportunities.

Streamline processes to increase productivity and efficiencies

Creating quotes is a time-consuming and sometimes burdensome process. Often this may require duplicate data entry as well as information that needs to be captured through external disparate systems which cost time and productivity. By implementing Salesforce CPQ you are investing in the overall productivity and efficiency of your team. Dave Rank, an Engineering Manager at Wrought Washer, shares “Manufacturing is all about efficiency. Working with Emelar Consulting Group is the single best decision we’ve made to increase efficiency in 10 years.”

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool when customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. Additional elements, such as ERP integration,  allow your team to access key information all within one platform. Through a customized Salesforce CPQ solution your organization will gain the ability to make informed decisions based on access to real-time customer data, information, and pipeline visibility.

Guided selling to support your sales team

Does your team manage large project catalogs? It is not uncommon for companies to have thousands of SKUs to navigate as they build a quote. This can be cumbersome, if not completely unmanageable when trying to put a quote together for a customer. With Salesforce CPQ, Products can be categorized and grouped into bundles for easy navigation. Guided selling support users as they walk through questions designed to understand the customer’s needs and help select the right products.

With Salesforce CPQ products can be associated with each other creating product bundles. This means products can be configured in such a way that a person putting a quote together only needs to select one SKU, and all of the included components will pull into the quote automatically. This also allows the setting of bundled prices and discounts to automatically be applied. The use of guided selling and bundles not only expedites the quoting process but also streamlines and simplifies the employee onboarding and training process condensing the time needed for them to ramp up to full sales performance.

Supporting Manufacturing Clients

At Emelar Consulting Group our goal is to support manufacturing companies on their journey to revolutionize their business processes and elevate their customer experience. Through Salesforce CPQ our team of experts are committed to acting as your thought partner and implementation experts as we work together to increase efficiencies, productivity, and profitability. Interested in learning more? Reach out to a member of our term to explore a potential partnership designed to support your growth goals.

Published on Mar 02 2022

Last Updated on Apr 13 2022

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