You’ve generated interest through your marketing efforts. You’ve qualified your leads or prospective customers. You’ve confirmed that your products or services solve the prospective customer’s problems or needs. Now what?

This is where Salesforce CPQ enters the picture.

CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. It is used to identify the right product mix, at the right price, and present them to your prospective customers in a stylized proposal. The tool is an add-on to Salesforce Sales Cloud, designed to speed up the proposal process while preventing potentially costly errors in pricing your solutions. Let’s look at each component in further detail and demonstrate ways in which CPQ can improve improve your sales process.


“I’d like a grilled chicken burrito on whole wheat, with white rice, black beans, pico de gallo, extra cheese, lettuce, sour cream and obviously guacamole.”

Today, we as consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to ordering exactly what we want. Many of us, without question, enter a restaurant and expect to make special requests to our orders. We have perfected our burrito or sub sandwiches to be exactly how we want them.

This custom configuration is bleeding into every organization. Do your offerings allow for advanced configurations to ensure customer satisfaction? If not, it may be a good time to start in order to meet your customers’ expectations, as well as to set yourself apart from the competition.

Salesforce CPQ was built precisely for this. With CPQ, it’s easy to:

  • Organize your products to be bundled precisely to meet your customer’s needs
  • Set up rules to prevent combinations that should never be made
    • Example: Burritos can only have one choice of protein.
  • Create rules to automatically include additional products
    • Example: Every order of Chips and Salsa must include Chips
  • Set up guided selling processes to ensure your team are selecting the right products and asking the right questions.

The possibilities provided through product configuration can be complex; Salesforce CPQ makes this process easy and straight forward.


“Currently we are offering a Buy One, Get One deal on burritos, and you are a platinum member in our rewards program. I see you also have a coupon for an additional 10% off.”

As we can see from the example above, pricing and discounting can become complex quite quickly. What is the final sale price for this customer based on current deals, membership level, and additional discounts?

Luckily, providing quotes is easy with Salesforce CPQ, ensuring your customers quickly receive consistent, accurate pricing information.

Salesforce CPQ makes it easy to assign discounts and pricing levels using a variety of parameters, such as:

  • Purchase quantity
  • Number of years they are contracting for.
  • Customer type (i.e. Silver-, Gold-, Platinum-Level)
  • Combination of products to be purchased
  • Products the customer bought in the past
  • Allowing sales reps to apply discounts as they see see fit, either to an individual product or to an entire quote
  • Setting prices or discounts to be based upon margins

In addition to pricing and setting discount rules, Salesforce CPQ allows users to create approval processes. For example, imagine that sales reps at Company X can close any deal where the total price discount does not exceed 10%. Using CPQ, a rule can be set up to trigger the senior management’s approval on any sale with discounts greater than 10%. This feature is a must-have for providing accurate quotes to customers, empowering your sales team to land deals, and ensuring that your finance team is onboard with your final pricing prior to presenting it to the customer.


Now that you have the right products and services selected at the right price, it’s time to present your proposal. Salesforce CPQ includes a powerful document template generator so you can create a quote with a click of button.

This template features numerous formatting options, making it easy to create a quote that delivers information your customer needs to know. These options include:

  • Branding options to match your organization’s look and feel
  • Terms and conditions can be displayed based on the products chosen or quote details
  • Additional documents to be included, such as collateral or warranties
  • Present products in groups or bundles
  • Integration of e-signature tools, speeding up the quoting process even more

CPQ is a highly customizable tool that can drastically speed up and automate your quoting process. If you think your quoting process is too complex for your current system, or takes too long to provide pricing to your prospective customers, give us a call to discuss how implementing CPQ can help you out. Tim Dusek, Partner and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer is ready to help you supercharge your CPQ. Get in touch at (404) 822-5600 or