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Why we love Salesforce CPQ

Why we love Salesforce CPQ

Why We ♥ Salesforce CPQ

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a business tool that allows your organization to send sales quotes with consistent, accurate pricing information to customers. As consultants who work with Salesforce CPQ on a regular basis, there are things we love about the tool, and we’ve developed a few favorites. We guess you could say that we’re pretty into CPQ. Why? Because we’re real nerds! But most importantly, because we find it rewarding to have a first-hand view of how CPQ helps our clients.

Reason #1: Accuracy

  • CPQ helps your business reduce mistakes made by human error.
  • Reduce mistakes resulting from data loss or other catastrophic technology failure on a local server.
  • Increase your accuracy by keeping important quoting information and rules stored in the cloud (Salesforce CRM).

Reason #2: Efficiency

  • Increase the speed in which you deliver a quote to your customer.
  • Accomplish your business objectives faster.

Reason #3: Onboard new employees quickly

  • By providing a useful sales enablement tool, your organization can hire more sales reps.
  • Get your sales reps quoting confidently and quickly.

Reason #4: Professionalism and marketing

  • Deliver top-notch, professional-looking quote documents.
  • Improve your organization’s customer experience.

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Published on Jan 31 2019

Last Updated on Mar 04 2020