Top 10 “What Makes You a Badger”

Sep 09 2016

Top 10 “What Makes You a Badger” // Management Consulting // Sep 09 2016

**Quotes from “Beers with Badgers” attendees**

10. xhleh (**Booted….**)bucky

9. I am from Wisconsin and am a HUGE Badger fan (especially football)!

8. My family lives in Wisconsin!

7. I’m born and raised. And my wife is a UW grad. So I’m in the club.cheese-guy

6. I eat cheese!

5. Lived here ALL my life and can’t imagine living elsewhere… traveled a great deal with the military and there is truly no place like Wisconsin.


 4. I enjoy jumping around and wearing red!

3. Live and work in Madison, WI.  Badger, Green Bay, Brewer Fan.  Love Beer.


2. Go Badgers! I live in Waunakee, love attending UW sporting events and cheering for them on TV.


1. My sharp claws, and beedy little eyes.