How do you get Sales Cloud® up and running for an organization? 

Let Emelar take care of it. Drive user success in Salesforce Sales Cloud® with our proven methodology and initial setup.


Initial Setup Package | Completion Timeline: 2-3 weeks  | $4,250

Salesforce Sales Cloud Quickstart includes the following components:

Project Kickoff and Discovery Sessions

To start, we’ll capture your unique needs to ensure your business processes will be optimized with Salesforce.

Account and Lead Management Setup

We’ll walk-through account management best practices and ensure we are capturing important information specific to your needs.

Opportunity and Sales Process Management Setup

We’ll walk-through opportunity management best practices to set up Salesforce according to your sales process.

Data Import

Next, we’ll import up to 2,500 rows of data for account, contacts, opportunities, and leads.


Finally, we will show you the basics and make sure you are comfortable with your solution.

This is just the start, and is intended to get you up and running quickly. We recommend a more formal implementation after this Quickstart.

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