Getting Started in Salesforce

Jan 29 2018

Getting Started in Salesforce // Salesforce // Uncategorized // Jan 29 2018

My consulting career began in 2006 when I landed a position with a small consulting firm near downtown Madison. In the nine years I spent there, I worked with dozens of different client networks, ranging from 1-2 person shops, to outfits with hundreds of employees. During this time, I encountered many different line-of-business applications, and in particular, several CRM applications. The company I worked for used Microsoft CRM – later (and still) known as Microsoft Dynamics – and had a portion of their business devoted to supporting it.

The Cloud was in its infancy back then, and I never did end up encountering Salesforce’s software-less CRM offering.  Microsoft’s Office 365 launched back in 2011, and a very rocky launch it was. Many early adopters learned the hard way that either they were not ready for the Cloud, or the Cloud wasn’t yet ready for them or their way of doing business. As a consultant I experienced all these bumps along with the clients, worked through them, and helped them to find solutions. Now, of course, the landscape is less in-house software and more SaaS. ISP connections are much faster and far more reliable — reliable enough for businesses both small and large to take full advantage. This is when I began to witness the power of the Salesforce platform.

After 9 years, I decided to take a break from consulting to work in the IT administration world for a while. During this time the company I worked for licensed Salesforce and began doing business on the platform. Over the next couple of years, I watched Salesforce streamline and replace countless business processes. I was amazed at the flexibility and efficiency the platform had — one could build pretty much anything with it. Having more than a little geek streak in me, I wanted to learn more about it, so the company sent me to Chicago to take the Salesforce Administrator training.

The training opened my eyes even more to the near limitless potential of the platform. The cost of entry seemed on the steep side until I realized that the worry and cost of everything normally associated with this kind of application is accounted for. No army of IT people are needed to administrate it, keep it backed up, or provide constant maintenance and support. It just works, and with a little coaxing from some knowledgeable individuals, it can have an enormous impact on business strategy, process, and ultimately, success!

Since starting as a Salesforce Consultant at Emelar, I’ve been introduced to an amazing online training that is completely interactive and hands-on, called Trailhead. If you are looking to start a Salesforce consulting career but do not know where to start, look no further than Trailhead, Saleforce’s highly effective self-study training program:

I recently passed my Salesforce Administrator certification using a combination of this specific training, here:

I also utilized practice flashcards found at Quizlet  — a great site to test your knowledge about any subject (IT or otherwise) you can think of!

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional choosing a field to specialize in, or just getting started in the field, Salesforce is here to stay, and the popularity of the platform is exploding right now. This is the perfect time to jump in and get started!